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*SCS ▶ Thankful ♥ Thursday

*SCS ▶ ThankfulThursday on GiftWORTH + ▶ Amazon eXNG  ▶ TODAYWORTH ▶ Blogger The stories “clipped and flipped ” in the #SocialCurrentSee of our NUZZEL newsletter today include the lineup found below.  The tool used for this aggregation is Nuzzel,  a web publishing and broadcasting source that offers personalized news discovery and curated newsletters for busy professionals, via web, mobile apps, messaging bots, and email newsletters.

That's why top influencers in media, technology, and finance use Nuzzel to save time and stay informed.

In 2016, Nuzzel was named one of the “Best Apps of 2016 ” by the Google Play Store, one of “The Year's Best Apps” by the New York Times, and one of the “Best Apps of The Year” by Time Magazine.

Nuzzel apps have been featured by both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, and Nuzzel was one of the first technology partners of the AMP project led by Google.

Nuzzel, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.