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From advice on giving in a crisis to expert analysis on complex charity finances, CharityWatch (CW) is a valuable resource for the media and general public alike. Here is a sampling of CW's many contributions to news stories that have been or may be archived in GiftWORTH (Blogger)
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"It's a public charity, and you have a board of directors with one independent board member," he said. "That means that he [Dwayne Wade] and his sister can make all the decisions for a public charity, so it would be better to broaden the board to represent the public's interest."
    -Daniel Borochoff on governance concerns at Wade's World Foundation, founded by NBA star, Dwayne Wade
              Chicago Tribune, 07/24/2016
"Very few donors would agree to that high of a fundraising cost. You're talking about other people's money. You're ripping off the donating public...(and) when it's a hot button issue like veterans, they'll give."
              -Mr. Borochoff on Veterans Assistance Foundation's 83% fundraising cost.
               The Capital Times, 07/12/2016

 "Our charitable resources are getting locked away," Borochoff said. "Particularly with the way the economy is, where a portion of the population is really struggling, really suffering and in dire need of charitable aid, it's problematic for us to be taking $15 billion off the table for later."
   -CharityWatch's president, Daniel Borochoff on the huge amount of charitable dollars that are annually being placed in donor-advised funds for use sometime in the future.
   The Washington Post, 06/21/2016           

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The Billionaire Who Wasn't: How Chuck Feeney ~ Kindle

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President and Founder
Daniel Borochoff has long been a strong and independent voice for ethics and transparency in the nonprofit sector. He founded CharityWatch (CW), a nationally acclaimed charity watchdog, in 1992 to address the need for research and analysis on charity finances, fundraising practices and governance. CW, originally named "American Institute of Philanthropy" or "AIP," provides information on wise giving to thousands of concerned individuals, foundations, and corporations. Borochoff has over 25 years of experience as a philanthropic and financial analyst. Thousands of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations have covered his insights into nonprofit practices. He was a founding board member of the Hearts and Minds Network and the ePhilanthropy Foundation.

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