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Giving thanks for those who give life

In a post originally shared on MyJournal blog:

Since my college days in the late 60s (graduation May 1970), I have routinely been a blood donor on occasions too numerous to count.  Part of that habit was prompted by my career in hospitals which, notably, always are conducting blood drives.  Whenever the bloodmobile would arrive on the hospital campus, the clarion call would sound to round up all donors.

Long after that routine had become second nature, at age 59, I found myself on the receiving end of this process.  Most who know me also know that I am an 8-year survivor of rare form of mantle cell lymphoma that required a stem cell transplant at City of Hope in 2007.  Thankful for many things, we are, indeed, grateful for the thousands who have answered the call to become SCT and BMT donors.

While both are vital, there is a significant difference between making a blood donation and a SCT/BMT donation, so a little research and due-diligence will be required.  Check out the LINK provid…