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PIMCO co-founder puts his funds into stem-cell research

California's public sector is in a certified mess, but there is much different and better news on many fronts in the private sector of this state. Same is true about the leading-edge research that the private sector has forged with many of California's highly-regarded universities and research centers like UCI. clipped from The first-of-its kind stem cell research facility opened Friday at
UC Irvine, with leading scientists and state officials on hand to do
the honors. UC Irvine's Sue and Bill Gross Hall: A California
Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) is the first of seven such
facilities the state agency plans to open for stem cell research at
California universities. The
statewide regenerative medicine agency was created after passage of
Proposition 71 in 2004 by 59% of voters, who supported new funding
sources for stem cell research after then-President George W. Bush
banned federal funding to develop new stem cell lines. With a
$10-million gift fr…

Retired UCLA professor pledges $50 million to Westwood campus

Rare is the instance when a major university faculty or staff members is able to make transforming philanthropic gifts to the institution where they are employed, but such is the case with this story in Los Angeles. clipped from A world-renowned expert in organ transplantation, Paul I. Terasaki will fund a new life sciences building and an endowed chair in surgery. Retired UCLA professor Paul I. Terasaki, who spent three years in a World War II internment camp for Japanese Americans and later became a world-renowned expert in organ transplantation, has pledged $50 million to the Westwood campus. The gift will fund a new life sciences building and an endowed chair in surgery.

Terasaki, who is 80 and lives in Brentwood, said in an interview Wednesday that he owes much of his academic and business success to UCLA and wants to repay the school.

"All of it had its origins in UCLA," he said as he prepared to fly to Japan to deliver a lecture on bone marrow transplant…

Latest totals of philanthropy for Haitian causes

U.S. charitable giving was estimated to be $307.65 billion in 2008 and probably about the same or slightly lower last year. So, this total of $1.1 billion given to a single cause is a significant record. clipped from Haiti earthquake update: Charities receive $1.1 billion in donor aid It's almost hard to believe that four months have passed since the devastating 7.3 Haiti earthquake, which left over 250,000 dead. To date, over $1.1 billion has been donated for on-going relief and rebuilding efforts, says The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Here are the top 5 aid recipients from The Chronicle's list:

Philanthropy may help keep print journalism alive and well

Could newspapers and local broadcasters begin seeking philanthropic support from the civic foundations and private donors that are starting to bankroll news non-profits? It appears entirely likely. With for-profit media watching their news-gathering resources dwindle, some editors say they're open to the idea of seeking help from donors. || clipped from On the Media: Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles adapts to changing media market Niche journalism and an $800,000 donation make its future seem secure. Few newspapers or magazines escaped 2009 without losses and the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles suffered like many others. Operators of the weekly news outlet trimmed staff. They cut salaries 20%. Still, they worried whether the Journal — chronicler of a variety of topics including Torah portions, sexual mores, Mideast politics and entertainment industry chatter — would make it to its 25th anniversary next year. But by banking hard on two of…

A classy lady talks about classy cars

It's like driving a century in just two hours. The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) lets you travel through time like few other places can. Just two blocks from the streets of downtown Reno, you'll walk down streets of the past. Its cars, sights, sounds and places are yours to explore. Beyond the streets, you'll discover a century of automobiles: more than 220 antique, vintage, classic, special interest and one-of-a-kind wonders. You'll be dazzled by the cars of the stars. And the road doesn't end there.

The museum features 105,000 square feet of space on one level, 4 authentic street scenes representing each quarter of the 20th century, complete information displayed with each car, a Changing Exhibits Gallery, Masterpiece Circle featuring themed car displays, 145 seat lecture hall, automotive shop which is open to the public, a world famous automotive research library, a museum store and free parking.

The museum also has complete party and banquet…

Nestle Chairman Criticizes Corporate Philanthropy

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has been leading the Nestlé Group since 1997, when he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé S.A.. In 2001 he also became vice-chairman of the Board. Since April 2005, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe has been Chairman and CEO of Nestlé.

Born in 1944 in Austria, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe graduated from the University of World Trade in Vienna with a degree in Economics. After joining the Nestlé Group in 1968, he spent a significant part of his career in Latin America, moving from sales manager and marketing director in Chile, to head of marketing first in Ecuador and then in Venezuela. clipped from "Most social problems are extremely complex," Mr. Brabeck says. "You think at first glance you solve a problem here, but the reality is you're just creating another one somewhere else." The chairman of Nestle told a television interviewer in London that he opposes corporate philanthropy, saying companies should not use shareholders'…

She helped bring music to the CA Southland

The USC School of Music bears her name. Among her many activities, she was a member of the LA Opera board and helped establish its young artist program.
clipped from
May 8, 2010

Flora Thornton, L.A. philanthropist and arts patron, dies at 96

By Dennis McLellan, Los Angeles Times

FloraLaneyThornton, a longtime Los Angeles philanthropist...other things, she established the FloraLaneyThornton Professorship in Nutrition and the Flora L. Thornton Endowment for the Opera...