Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carnegie Hall to fete Orange County developer Sergerstrom

Henry Segerstrom, developer of South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, began his big-dollar arts philanthropy in the mid-1970s, when he donated land near the shopping center as a site for South Coast Repertory, whose largest venue is the Segerstrom Stage. Since then, gifts of adjoining parcels owned by the Segerstrom family enlarged the arts district to include the Orange County Performing Arts Center and a site reserved for a new home for the Newport Beach-based Orange County Museum of Art. The district's formal name is the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and the performing arts center's two large auditoriums are the 3,000-seat Segerstrom Hall and the 2,000-seat Rene and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. The construction fund for the latter included $51 million donated by Segerstrom.

Henry Segerstrom to receive arts philanthropy medal from Carnegie Hall

Henry Segerstrom is about to fulfill an old punch line, but not in a way that will do any harm to his reputation as Orange County's leading arts philanthropist.

Q: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

 A: Practice.

SegerstromSchwarzeneggerKelsen In Segerstrom's case, it's the practice of giving a bundle to the arts that led to Friday's announcement that Carnegie Hall will award him its annual Medal of Excellence, conferred on people "whose accomplishments in the corporate sector complement Carnegie Hall’s stature as one of the premier performance venues in the world."

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