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From advice on giving in a crisis to expert analysis on complex charity finances, CharityWatch (CW) is a valuable resource for the media and general public alike. Here is a sampling of CW's many contributions to news stories that have been or may be archived in GiftWORTH (Blogger) and the archive is here ... Flip②▶GiftWorth on Flipboard
"It's a public charity, and you have a board of directors with one independent board member," he said. "That means that he [Dwayne Wade] and his sister can make all the decisions for a public charity, so it would be better to broaden the board to represent the public's interest."-Daniel Borochoff on governance concerns at Wade's World Foundation, founded by NBA star, Dwayne Wade Chicago Tribune, 07/24/2016
"Very few donors would agree to that high of a fundraising cost. You're talking about other people's money. You're ripping off the donating public...(and) when it's a hot button issue like vetera…