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Caveat: The Twitter roll posted here is based on the hashtag #ClintonFoundation, but some of the content may need censoring for PG audiences since the moniker #ClintonFoundation, and of course, the Clintons themselves are not roundly applauded in all circles.  

▶ There is much speculation in the #SocialCurrentSee of this archive (and associated links) to indicate considerable angst about the #ClintonFoundation.  Generally, the arguments against the Foundation deal with the charge that more than 80% of funds raised are not being given to charitable causes.  However, clearly, that is not the case because the #ClintonFoundation acts as an operating foundation, not a true charitable foundation. What does that mean?  It means that their funds are largely spent on self-directed programs and causes.  Therefore, criticism of the Foundation might be reserved for the time in which an actual legal entity (like the FBI and U.S. Justice Department) brings and indictment. Even then, those charged are innocent until proven guilty. STORIFY


▶ Also, as noted before on this site, #ALTACITIES is the web moniker designed to archive matters relating to common interest developments (aka HOAs), or communities that the creator and archivist likes to call alternate cities.  Long retired since 2010 (Dee Dee since some five years before), we are #BabyBoomers of 1947 and 1948 and, as such, our perspective on #SocialCurrentSee may be the same or different than most readers of this blog.

▶ Our interest in the #ClintonFoundation is more than just a political thing, but it stems from have an almost-40-year career in philanthropy and hospital fund-raising.  When you consider the meteoric rise of stature, wealth, and assets for the ClintonFoundation, one might easily question the methods and the ethics of that enterprise, as the #SocialCurrentSee on topic now reflects.

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