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The stories in this TRILOGY clip from #SocialCurrentSee may seem unrelated
but each has a similar theme per the hashtag #ACCOUNTABILITY
The story, as told in the #SocialCurrentSee of our time, stems from the hashtag #Accountability. In few disciplines is this quality more inspected or expected than philanthropy and nonprofit fund-raising.
But there is ample evidence the present-day blending of power politics with charity brings the potential of conflicts that avoid safeguarding accountability factors. How do you hold others accountable when the inspectors aren't accountable, first?  Read the story lines of these clips and you will understand what I mean:

    While related in the concept of #Accountability, the TRILOGY of stories compiled in this archive speak to a certain ambiguity and imperfection about the term. There is no condition of complete and total accountability in a free society. Deeds are done and decisions are made or not made outside of public awareness until the press or social media (or both) bring these conditions to light. Even then, public offenses may not be made right because of the perception that some things are best kept private and solutions or remedies are not always for public review.
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TRILOGY, including ...

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#Accountability, a broad term that generally refers to
 subject to giving an account : answerable "held her accountable for the damage"
 capable of being accounted for :explainable
▶ synonyms see responsible

Term is a social media moniker not uncommonly searched in #ALTACITIES to add to the stories and content found in these blogs and sites.
▶ As noted before on this site, #ALTACITIES is the web moniker designed to archive matters relating to common interest developments (aka HOAs), or communities that the creator and archivist likes to call "alternate cities."  Now retired since 2010 (Dee Dee since some five years before), we are #BabyBoomers of 1947 and 1948 and, as such, our perspective on

#SocialCurrentSee may be the same, but possibly different than many readers of this blog.
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