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ALSO SEE : MYJ : MyJournal about my MCL (cancer) survival since 2006

Normally, this lead post provides links to my curator creations on, but technical difficulties at our host site for more than 24 hours (since March 21 until this time), prevent access to those editions.  Hence, we direct views to the archival content on this site and related content at the blogs in the directories found on this page.

If you scrolled to this location in the postings on this blog, you have seen the topics and content (directory above) that prompts the creation of posts and constant comments on this blog and related sites.  Here is a summary of the subjects that are almost daily (in some cases weekly) at the top of my mind:

  • Social media  ||  FLY : On-the-web BLOG
  • MYG : My Government Watch || BLOG
  • Topix : Trivia || BLOG
  • Quotations : People Quotient || BLOG
  • Los Angeles & Southern California : LAO || BLOG
  • Corona Country (Inland Empire) : CC || BLOG
  • Senior-Time (Retirement) : 55+ || BLOG
  • Voyager Vision (Faith, Hope, Courage) || BLOG
  • Philanthropy : NPO || BLOG
  • Prodigy Kids : PK || BLOG
  • 224 : @2G : According to Google : ALT || BLOG
All of these subjects (titles) are reflected in the editions that come from the sources I follow in social media (what I call my Social Current See) and on my blogging sites that are tracked in the menu bar at the top of this and other blogs under the theme, alt@cities / alt@mobile.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Following those who follow us

Following those who follow us : About The Chronicle of Philanthropy : The YouTube home of the Chronicle of Philanthropy -- the online community of the nonprofit world. This channel offers reports on charities and the people behind them. ||  alt@source
A raíz de los que nos siguen: Acerca de The Chronicle of Philanthropy: La casa de YouTube de la Crónica de la Filantropía - la comunidad en línea del mundo sin fines de lucro. Este canal ofrece informes sobre obras de caridad y de la gente detrás de ellos. ||  alt@source
Im Anschluss an diejenigen, die uns folgen: Über The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Der YouTube Heimat des Chronicle of Philanthropy - der Online-Community der gemeinnützigen Welt. Dieser Kanal bietet Berichte über die Wohlfahrtsverbände und die Menschen dahinter. ||  alt@source
Après ceux qui nous suivent: A propos de The Chronicle of Philanthropy: La maison YouTube de la Chronicle of Philanthropy - la communauté en ligne du monde à but non lucratif. Cette chaîne propose des reportages sur les organismes de bienfaisance et les personnes qui les animent. ||  alt@source

NPO : Philanthropy Mobile   Life, Liberty, Paper

Also see these other productions by ALTALOMAN starting with ANY GIVEN WORD.

NPO : Philanthropy Mobile archives timely nonprofit and charity-related content from the web and creates translations into Spanish, German, and French.  In part, this exercise is intended to show the brotherhood of language and cultures around the world.  In another way, it is a means of providing simple language instruction.  For reasons of content creativity, the author of this blog, ALTALOMAN, tackles this mission to express gratitude and respect for a German donor who provided his stem cells for a transplant procedure in 2007 that saved the author's life.  More about that story is available at the author's BLOG. || Complete this puzzle >

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