Monday, August 27, 2012

NPO : Philanthropy Mobile Today

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NPO : PhilanthropyMobile now on ... Charity and Nonprofits 
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NPO : PHILANTHROPY MOBILE is one location in a community of blogs and sites produced and archived by alt@cities : alt@mobile

  • Social media  ||  FLY : On-the-web BLOG
  • MYG : My Government Watch || BLOG
  • Topix : Trivia || BLOG
  • Quotations : People Quotient || BLOG
  • Los Angeles & Southern California : LAO || BLOG
  • Corona Country (Inland Empire) : CC || BLOG
  • Senior-Time (Retirement) : 55+ || BLOG
  • Voyager Vision (Faith, Hope, Courage) || BLOG
  • Philanthropy : NPO || BLOG
All of these subjects (titles) are reflected in the editions that come from the sources I follow in social media (what I call my Social Current See) and on my blogging sites that are tracked in the menu bar at the top of this and other blogs under the themes


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