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What bloggers are writing about philanthropy today

If you GOOGLE search the term "philanthropy blogs," you will find 1,070,000 results,
so here's a start on simple start on sorting through your first million looks today.

Blogs10 new results for philanthropy
Rob Densen: Philanthropy Channel Launches New Series -- CSR: Myopia
By Rob Densen
When it comes to understanding the opportunity to devise programs that focus corporate expertise on critical customer and community concerns, Corporate America has been a little slow on the uptake.
The Full Feed from -
Philanthropy Friday: OEFFA |
By columbus imPRessions
The Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA) is a grassroots coalition of farmers, backyard gardeners, consumers, retailers, educators, researchers, -
philanthropy - Frugal Village Forums
By mek42
I'm trying to give something each week. Sometimes I forget and I elected not to in the week I only worked 4 hours. So far, my major recipients are a.
Frugal Village Forums -
Honouring Individual Philanthropy | Blog BNP Paribas | The bank ...
By Isabelle Palsky
For some years now, private philanthropic activities have played an increasingly significant role in circumstances where governments are not always able to step.
Blog BNP Paribas | The bank for... -
Business Philanthropy Trends |
By admin - Everything you need to know about Commodity & Forex Trading, Mashed with related news, videos, images, tweets and digg stories! -
Barry D. Karl, historian of American politics and expert on ...
In addition to teaching courses on philanthropy, Karl led a research project on philanthropy with colleague Stanley Katz, later a professor at Princeton University, which traced the impact of philanthropy on American institutions and ...
University of Chicago News Office -
The Power Of The Purse Unites Philanthropy And Women In Business ...
By Jacki Zehner
With every dollar we spend, we give, we invest, we have the opportunity to let it speak our values.
LearnVest Blog -
Warren Buffett On Philanthropy- Yahoo | Finance
By Finance
Warren Buffett On Philanthropy- Yahoo. On 2010/07/09, in NEWS, by Finance. 0 · Warren Buffett On Philanthropy- Yahoo. Finance. Tagged with: Buffett • Philanthropy • Warren • Yahoo. If you enjoyed this article, ...
Finance -
Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog: Incorporating Philanthropy Into ...
By Trusts EstatesProf
This month's Foundation Source Access Report, entitled Engaging the Family in Your Philanthropy: Creative Strategies and Practical Approaches to Involving the Next Generation, provides guidance for attorneys when clients ask for advice ...
Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof Blog -
July 9, 2010 | Philanthropy in the News
This article examines the trend of directing corporate philanthropy dollars with social media crowd sourcing. Corporate charities like Kohls Cares and Pepsi Refresh are using social media to put the general public in charge of dictating ...
Philanthropy in the News -

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Multiple landings on blogs about fundraising today

Blogs8 new results for fund raising
peHUB » Healthcare PE Shops Find Fundraising Success
By Luisa Beltran
Fundraising may be hard right now, but a few PE firms in the healthcare space are experiencing success. Chicago-based Linden LLC, for example, recently closed its second fund with $375 million. The fund was oversubscribed and exceeded ...
PE Hub News: Firms & Funds -
Hickenlooper doubles up rivals in June fund-raising race ...
By Scot Kersgaard
Hickenlooper, who entered the race in January after incumbent Democrat Bill Ritter dropped out of the race, has now caught up with McInnis in overall fundraising despite being in the race for less than half the time McInnis has been ...
Colorado Independent » Blog -
WBUR app inches public radio toward mobile fundraising » Nieman ...
By Laura McGann
Apple just approved a local public radio iPhone app, now in the iTunes store, that promises to deliver localism, journalism, participation and monetation --
Nieman Journalism Lab -
Wamp Says He's Reached $4 Million in Fundraising | Humphrey on the ...
By Tom Humphrey
Bill Haslam earlier proclaimed he has reached $8.7 million in fundraising totals. Ron Ramsey hasn't voluntarily disclosed anything about his fundraising figures; neither has Democrat Mike McWheter.
Humphrey on the Hill -
Nonprofit Fundraising - Unique Fundraising Product Concepts
Article from Ubscure and entitled Nonprofit Fundraising - Unique Fundraising Product Concepts - By Robert Howard.
Ubscure -
Obama "learned" from Blago's (illegal) fundraising | Impeach Obama ...
By Patrick
By Dan Shomon, Obama and Blago At the core of the charges against Rod Blagojevich is an illegal fundraising operation. In his two runs for Governor, he.
Impeach Obama Campaign -
Free Article Directory » Attain Fund Raising Skills under the ...
By jasonw93
These fundraising programs will help those interested in working within a Volunteer and "Fundraising" environment. It will help you plan your projects and future fundraising needs, develop goals and strategies and promote your work ...
Free Article Directory -
A Fundraising Event for Your Soccer Team | Lazy Cash Formula Review
By valeri
It seems like soccer fundraising is either a season-long effort or a quick hitter that doesn't cover all your needs. Well, the good news is that.
Lazy Cash Formula Review -

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Big gifts continue significant clip despite recession

The continued effects of the turbulent economy can be seen in the decrease in the number of gifts of $1-million or more announced in the first six months of this year. At least 181 gifts of that size have been awarded this year, compared with 250 such donations in the first six months of 2009.
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America’s wealthiest donors are making far bigger gifts to charitable organizations in 2010 than they did a year ago—but far fewer of them are giving $1-million or more to charitable causes, a Chronicle of Philanthropy analysis has found.

By Caroline Bermudez

 blog it

Multiple bloggers cover philanthropy today with these posts

Blogs10 new results for philanthropy
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Awarded $3.7 Million Gates ...
By james
Pioneering initiative will develop tools, share knowledge and spread best practices with aim of increasing giving and impact; special focus on new and emerging donors NEW YORK, July 6 /CHICAGOPRESSRELEASE.COM/ — In an effort to scale up ...
Red Light Revolt! -
Philanthropy Daily Digest | Tactical Philanthropy
By Sean Stannard-Stockton
Wealthy Are Making Bigger Gifts to Charitable Causes - The Chronicle of Philanthropy While fewer donors are making $1 million.
Tactical Philanthropy -
Philanthropy can be profit in disguise for corporates – Calcutta ...
By statco
Philanthropy can be profit in disguise for corporatesCalcutta Tube (blog)In industries like the BPO (business process outsourcing), the attrition rate is as high as 50 to 60 percent,' he said. 'If the corporates take physically ...
Statco -
Birthright Israel Group Travels to Hebron | eJewish Philanthropy ...
By Dan Brown
Apparently a group of Chabad Birthright Israel participants from Australia has recently visited Hebron, which according to official policy of the organization.
eJewish Philanthropy: The Jewish... -
BoardSource: Govern More, Manage Less - Women's Philanthropy ...
Govern More Manage Less Boards should primarily govern and not manage. As many nonprofit board members and chief executives know, this is more easily said than done, is simpler in theory than in practice. Though nonprofit leaders may ...
Women's Philanthropy--Women's Issues -
Managing Your Time Managing Your Prospects » Pride Philanthropy Blog -
By plyons
Pride Philanthropy. Phone: 888.417.0707 · PRIDE PHILANTHROPY BLOG. Managing Your Time Managing Your Prospects. Written by plyons on July 6, 2010. As a development officer, how can your most effectively ...
Pride Philanthropy Blog -
Philanthropy Front and Center - Washington, DC: Tom Adams ...
By Katrina Brown
Strong leadership is essential for a strong, successful organization. In this podcast interview, Tom Adams, the president and co-founder of the national consulting company TransitionGuides, talks about his book, The Nonprofit Leadership ...
Philanthropy Front and Center... -
Philanthropy for the rest of us: Good Move ~ Charity Walks
By Nicole Bouchard Boles
Nicole Bouchard Boles: Philanthropy is not just for the wealthy, you know? Almost every daily action can result in a small but deeply meaningful act of giving. Here you'll find fabulously, unexpected ideas -from charitable shopping ...
Philanthropy for the rest of us -
July 6, 2010 | Philanthropy in the News
The Rothschild banking dynasty is trying to fuse business efficiency and philanthropy. The Rothschild Foundations are giving $1 million to sponsor fellowships for two dozen Muslim and Jewish social entrepreneurs from the U.S., ...
Philanthropy in the News -
AFP Blog: Youth in Philanthropy: VolunteerSpot : Engaging Kids in ...
By Reed
This blog contains assorted news and commentary about Youth and Philanthropy gathered by the AFP Fundraising Resource Center. Other Sites of Interest Section Disclaimer: AFP provides the following listing of hyperlinks to other Internet ...
AFP Blog: Youth in Philanthropy -

Monday, July 05, 2010

Social media the best avenue for NPO marketing, promotion

Social media the best avenue for NPO marketing, promotion: Today, marketing isn’t so much about the “big sell” as it is about the way in which you communicate with your audiences. Of course, big-budget ad campaigns for TV, radio, print, and, now, online will never go away entirely, but realistically, most nonprofit organizations do not have the budgets to invest in traditional advertising, let alone any other kind of costly marketing campaigns.

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