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Report: Charitable giving was down in 2009, though with some bright spots

According to a just-released report from the Giving USA Foundation and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, total charitable contributions fell in 2009 compared to 2008, the second year in row for a decline in overall philanthropy after more than a decade of continuous annual increases for charitable giving. || clipped from The Wealth Report is a daily blog focused on the culture and economy of the wealthy. It is written by Robert Frank, a senior writer for the Wall Street Journal and the author of the New York Times bestselling book “Richistan: A Journey Through the American Wealth Boom and the Lives of the New Rich.” Criticisms, comment...s and tips can be sent Wealthy Give More Overseas, Less to Education, Religion Overall in 2009, charitable giving declined 3.6 percent to $303.75 billion in 2009, down from a revised total of $315.08 billion for 2008 (late-reported large bequests changed the ‘08 numbers). Philanthr…

This pizza king is no pauper, but he sure plans to be

Although best known as the founder of Dominoâs Pizza and former owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball franchise, Thomas S. Monaghan is currently devoting his attention full time to non-profit endeavors, specifically focused on underwriting Catholic higher education. This support primarily flows through the Ave Maria Foundation, which he founded in 1983 and for which he serves as chairman of the board. || || clipped from In this touching story of transformation, Tom Monaghan, founder of the Domino’s Pizza franchise, shares his realization that what had driven him to succeed in life was really the desire to have more than everyone else.  After seeing how prideful his heart had become, Tom took what he calls “a millionaire's vow of poverty”—dedicating his life to giving away everything he has in order to help as many people as possible come to know Christ. This video is available in a brief 2 minute…

You don't have to have extra cash to help charity. Excess miles will work, as this blogger learns.

This blogger has found a creative way to use unclaimed frequent flyer miles to support charity. And he writes: âIn Hebrew, the word for charity is tzedakah, which is based on the word tzedek, which means righteousness, fairness, or justice. In Judaism, it is seen as a religious obligation to perform the act of tzedakah. As a member of the Jewish faith, you are expected to give back regardless of your financial standing. According to the Torah, âIt is not sufficient to just give to anyone or any organization, rather, one must check the credentials and finances to be sure that your Tzedakah money will be used wisely, efficiently and effectively.â â (Proverbs 22:22).
clipped from The other day I got a notice from Delta Airlines that I could redeem my frequent flier miles for magazine subscriptions.  I had already done this once before with U.S. Airways and I really didn't want another subscription to ESPN the Magazine or Sports Illustrated. Looking for an alt…

Local philanthropy: Kansas City ranks tops among metros

According to this source: "Now, Kansas Cityâs above-average civic-mindedness has been confirmed, at least according to nonprofit evaluator Charity Navigator, a New Jersey-based nonprofit. In its Metro Market Study 2010, Kansas City ranked fifth among 30 large metropolitan markets, with an overall score of 57.36. The only markets ahead of it were No. 1 Pittsburgh (59.38), Houston, Dallas and San Francisco. Miami came in sixth." clipped from It’s no secret that Kansas City has a strong contingent of philanthropic, civic-minded people. Take the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, for instance. For its new Bloch Building, the Hall Family Foundation provided money to pay the principal and interest on $60 million of tax-exempt 30-year bonds. The Lockton Family Foundation donated $1 million, a gift matched by museum trustees Henry Bloch, Don Hall and Estelle Sosland. And that’s just to name a handful of donors.

Madoff prison presence confirms his 'mad man' psyche

Reports of Bernie Madoff revealing his dark side while in prison should not astound anyone. This confirms the nature of the man who perpetrated the largest investment swindle in American history. || || clipped from Considering the source, this report is not surprising. Madoff is nothing but a loathsome character of our time: a convicted fraud, cheat, and swindler who has ruined a lot of lives, including his own. - Madoff in Profanity-Laced Tirade on Victims content