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Bill Gates takes on global challenges in social, health, educational arenas

World philanthropist and software entrepreneur Bill Gates, 54, cofounded the software giant Microsoft Corp. in 1975. He remains chairman but now spends the bulk of his time on philanthropic work at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, spending billions to fight disease and poverty in developing countries and to improve schools in the United States.
clipped from Bill Gates takes on global challenges Entrepreneur turned philanthropist Bill Gates received the Bower Award for Business Leadership on Thursday from the Franklin Institute. Earlier in the day, he spent 30 minutes answering questions from an Inquirer reporter on such diverse issues as global health, nuclear energy and electronic privacy.

Philanthropy on the rise in Asia, China's richest giving more than before

Thought:  China's wealthiest people appear to be giving more to charity, according to some latest numbers. Overall, philanthropy is on the rise in Asia, and is also catching on in the business community. |