Wednesday, June 09, 2010

You don't have to have extra cash to help charity. Excess miles will work, as this blogger learns.

This blogger has found a creative way to use unclaimed frequent flyer miles to support charity. And he writes: âIn Hebrew, the word for charity is tzedakah, which is based on the word tzedek, which means righteousness, fairness, or justice. In Judaism, it is seen as a religious obligation to perform the act of tzedakah. As a member of the Jewish faith, you are expected to give back regardless of your financial standing. According to the Torah, âIt is not sufficient to just give to anyone or any organization, rather, one must check the credentials and finances to be sure that your Tzedakah money will be used wisely, efficiently and effectively.â â (Proverbs 22:22).

The other day I got a notice from Delta Airlines that I could redeem my frequent flier miles for magazine subscriptions.  I had already done this once before with U.S. Airways and I really didn't want another subscription to ESPN the Magazine or Sports Illustrated. Looking for an alternative way to use my miles, I ventured off to the Delta Airlines website, … Read More

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