Thursday, June 10, 2010

This pizza king is no pauper, but he sure plans to be

Although best known as the founder of Dominoâs Pizza and former owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball franchise, Thomas S. Monaghan is currently devoting his attention full time to non-profit endeavors, specifically focused on underwriting Catholic higher education. This support primarily flows through the Ave Maria Foundation, which he founded in 1983 and for which he serves as chairman of the board. || ||
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In this touching story of transformation, Tom Monaghan, founder of the Domino’s Pizza franchise, shares his realization that what had driven him to succeed in life was really the desire to have more than everyone else.  After seeing how prideful his heart had become, Tom took what he calls “a millionaire's vow of poverty”—dedicating his life to giving away everything he has in order to help as many people as possible come to know Christ. This video is available in a brief 2 minute version, as well as a full 7 minute version.

Tom  Monaghan

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