Friday, June 25, 2010

Beware of becoming a 'Rolling Stone' in social media

Blogger explains: "Punching at Your Own Weight in Social Media"

This is a great post from Daniel Ben-Horin, CEO of TechSoup Global, now available at Tactical Philanthropy |

According to DBH: "Social media is about choosing whether or not to operate in a different way in the world, a way of looking at innovation, collaboration and communication that can’t be left at the office overnight. That doesn’t mean that if you tweet at work, you have to keep tweeting compulsively at home! But either you are truly excited by the possibilities and embrace them, or you are rolling a stone uphill."
People of a certain age, and/or a certain techno-anxiety level feel a lot of pressure to ‘operationalize’ social media in the nonprofit and philanthropic worlds. Nothing much good comes of this, and one of the worst things that can occur is a kind of passive-resistance, or not so passive. People block what they can’t understand. Or make poor decisions.
Social media is not a ‘tool’.

2. Social media mileage will vary.
3. Social media flattens.
4. Collaboration, innovation and noise
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