Art Linkletter dies at 97 -

Art Linkletter dies at 97 - "No offense to Kid ‘n Play, but Art Linkletter’s House Party was always better. Linkletter’s program, which began on radio in 1944 before moving to TV eight years later, set a record for daytime longevity and featured Linkletter — who died Wednesday at age 97 at his home in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles — interviewing children who could always be counted on to blurt out truths too uncomfortable for grown-ups to tell. It was a perfect showcase for the genial host, whose self-deprecating manner and masterful talent for pulling unintentionally funny cracks from everyday people made the show a hit for 25 years running. “What do your parents do for fun?” the host once asked a youngster. “Search me,” the kid replied, “They always lock the door.” Linkletter eventually turned some of the more inspired moments into Kids Say the Darndest Things. The book sat atop the nonfiction best-seller list for two years and remains one of the top-selling books in American publishing history."