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The following archive captured our attention as we contemplate our only granddaughter’s newly-embarked daycare situation at age 3.  What's amazing is that our discovery raises questions now explored by millions of grandparents like us.

Author Komisar
specializes in a thoughtful, individualistic approach to psychotherapy for families and children.

At her Linkedin profile, Komisar explains, “My background is traditional, but I have developed a very related approach to working with people. I believe the relationship between a therapist and patient is very individual and has to feel like a good match.

“You have endless choices of well-trained therapists in New York City which makes specialities and orientations secondary to the relationship and whether or not you ‘click’ with your therapist. I treat a variety of issues related to depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors.

“I work with people in life transitions who are at inflection points who may struggle with relationships, work …

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WHO▶ Let's take a moment to look at the relationships between older adults, their needs, and common interest developments, aka HOAs. For discussion sake, let us identify anyone 65 years or older as an ‘older adult.’ Our HOA community is reserved for 55+, but really, the population here is definitely 65+. Of course, not everyone in that age group has challenges or needs special accommodation, but there are other age-related factors for HOA owners and boards to consider.
WHAT▶ First, it is important to understand that the total US population is aging. California, as we know is home to millions of Baby Boomers, now en masse entering the 65+ category at a faster rate. The so-called Golden State seems well-positioned to handle this agin…